Spirit Lake, Idaho

Benefits of being a Spirit Lake Chamber Member

Business Referrals:

The Chamber receives requests daily from those looking for business services. These range from

phone number requests inquiring: where is a great place to eat, what products various businesses sell, and where can I stay. We refer these requests to our Chamber Members.

Internet listing:

Our newly updated web-site will feature your business name and a link to your business web-site.


The Chamber will e-mail your business up-coming events and specials to our membership.


The Chamber has many followers on Facebook and that number grows each year. If a business would like to promote their sale or business information on the Chamber Facebook page, you may send us your information in a post on our page and after approval of content we will publish your post.


The Chamber has a general membership meeting the rst Tuesday of each month. We discuss issues

of current interest, some old business, up-coming events and opportunities. Additionally, we have guest

speakers adding to the excitement as well.

Free Exhibit Space:

Members can reserve space at all of our events for direct marketing.

Supporter Non Business Membership      $25.00

Receives a Coffee Mug to show your support.     

Basic Membership    $60.00

includes space available for direct marketing of your business at any of our Chamber sponsored events, a listing in our on-line digital business directory and referral services.       


Basic Plus Social Membership   $100.00

Includes all of the above plus 3 Facebook Posts Per month

Enhanced Membership   $250.00  

(can be made in two payments 1/2 by December 31, 2016 & balance by April 30th, 2017)

Includes all the advantages as the basic plus listing of your retail store front

on the Chamber Directory sign in the downtown parking lot, a digital ad on our Chamber web

page & link to your business web page plus 4 reposts per month on Facebook. 1/3 page color

ad in our Printed Visitors Guide and Directory . (7500 copies to be distributed)

Up-grade to 2/3 page  $325.00      Up-grade to full page  $375.00

Power Membership (best buy)    $425.00  

(can be made in two payments 1/2 by December 31, 2016 & balance by April 30th, 2017)

Includes all of the above plus a banner ad on the Chambers home page,

inclusion in our on-air radio campaign that mentions your business name as a sponsor and runs

June to September. These ads target the 25 to 54 year old adults who listen to Progressive Rock on

KPND 95.3. No rap, no hard rock. Coverage area is Pullman Wa. to Creston B.C. and Ritzville Wa. to

Troy Mt.. K-102 country targets 25 to 54 year old adults who are in their peak earning years, own

homes, multiple vehicles and make major purchases. All spots combined summer run of show is

190 plus 36 on-air calendar mentions on what's happening in Spirit Lake and a 1/3 page color ad

in our printed Visitors Guide  and Directory . (7500 copies to be distributed)

     Up-grade to 2/3 page  $500.00      Up-grade to full page  $525.00

Visitors Guide Premium space with membership and all the benefits.

     Inside Front Cover  $625.00           Inside Back Cover  $550.00        Outside Back Cover  $750.00

* Important Change: We will no longer be able oer multiple businesses promoted under one chamber membership.

                                   Each business must have its own membership.

** The chamber will no longer generate facebook content for our social page.

                                   Each business must submit content to the chamber and we’ll approve it for publishing.

Although our annual membership drive starts in December anytime is a good time to join the Spirit Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. By joining you will receive many benefits:

     • Networking opportunities at monthly meetings and year round events.

     • Chamber Web Page: all members are listed on our web site.

     • Discounts Web Page development

     • Chamber Member Sign Rental

Also sponsoring events like the Big Backin,  Labor Day in the Park Car Show, Mountain Bike Rides and the Spirit Lake Winter Festival.

Please consider your role in this community and renew your membership with the Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce where “Positivity in Action” is our call sign.